A few things that might help your data align

Images alignment is fundamentally the most important step to get right in a Photogrammetry scan, as that’s what will determine the quality of all subsequent processes. In Photogrammetry processing software can be a bit tricky sometimes, a bit indeterministic even.

Here are a few tips that I’ve come across over…

Making your 3D scan post look great

Being a Photogrammetry artist and posting on Sketchfab for quite a few years, I’ve developed a workflow for uploading pieces to Sketchfab and making them look great.

This post covers:

  • Cropping your scan to have clean mesh borders.
  • Optimizing for Sketchfab upload limits (and performance).
  • Adjusting Sketchfab’s 3D settings to…

Planning and executing a large-scale aerial Photogrammetry project

Screencap of our data in Reality Capture

This is part one of a three-part series, where we explain the details of some of the large challenges we faced while making this Photogrammetry VR Experience we made for Audi’s CES 2020 demo.

Further reading —

Interior Scanning: Gear, Capture Process, Mesh Cleanup.

This month, I started a series of tutorials (Read Part 1 here) on the basic techniques of 3D scanning technique called Photogrammetry, which is used to create incredibly detailed and photorealistic 3D scans of environments, people, objects, anything!

Interior Photogrammetry

Scanning indoor places has its own set of tricks to know and…

Azad Balabanian

Photogrammetry @realities.io, Host of the ResearchVR Podcast @researchvrcast

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