A few things that might help your data align


Image Raw processing


About Gerpho3D

What does this mean for the Puzzling Places on Oculus Quest?

Puzzling Places — Beta

Making your 3D scan post look great


Gear used in example scan

Planning and executing a large-scale aerial Photogrammetry project

Screencap of our data in Reality Capture



A Comprehensive Guide


Interaction Design

Game Design

Interior Scanning: Gear, Capture Process, Mesh Cleanup.

Brief Introduction

Interior Photogrammetry

Challenging subjects:

Capturing the world in a Volumetric data format

Drone Photogrammetry in RealityCapture
Cologne Cathedral in Realities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnXehd7oxto


Azad Balabanian

Photogrammetry @realities.io, Host of the ResearchVR Podcast @researchvrcast

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