Optimizing Photogrammetry for Sketchfab

Making your 3D scan post look great


Gear used in example scan

Cropped Mesh Borders

A raw mesh output from Photogrammetry processing software
A cropped mesh

1. Simplify the mesh in the Reality Capture (or your Photogrammetry software of choice) to the final poly count before doing the crop.

2. Export from Reality Capture, import the mesh into Meshmixer and crop it to your liking.

Video tutorial for cropping a mesh for clean, remeshed borders.
What happens when you simplify a cropped mesh in Reality Capture.

Sketchfab upload optimizations


Exporting without Vertex Colors and Normals

Reality Capture Export settings

Texture file format

Texture file size comparison between PNG and JPEG
Comparison between PNG and JPEG textures

Texture resolution

Setting the maximal texture count in Reality Capture
Render a screenshot using Reality Capture.

3D Settings on Sketchfab


Comparing photogrammetry meshes using the Lit shader vs Shadeless.


Ground Shadows

Baked AO Ground Shadows

Field of View

Comparing between 45° and 95° FOV.
Comparing between 45° and 17° FOV.

Post-Processing Effects

Depth of Field post-processing effect

Face Rendering: Double sided vs Single sided

Seeing through an obstructing wall


Adding annotations and optimizing their pivot points

Save View

Iterating to capture a well composed thumbnail
Loading the post and seeing how the model is initially loaded in.

Photogrammetry @realities.io, Host of the ResearchVR Podcast @researchvrcast

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